Support on set

With a powerful on set colour grading suite with we work with the D.O.P to create a look for the film. This look can be applied to monitors, dailies and offline edit files ensuring continuity as the shoot moves into post production. Using secure wireless technology, dailies can be transferred instantly and securely to key H.O.D’s mobile devices.

Safeguarding and creating back ups of the days shoot is of paramount importance. All our back-ups are verified to ensure one hundred percent security. A daily detailed report of what was shot including technical information, data size and thumbnail images is securely sent out at the end of the day, ensuring the production knows where they are at all times.

Our Approach


In a fast moving, high pressure environment, reliability is key. Providing knowledge and experience, we are there to support throughout.


A knowledge of the kit, as expected, but also a knowledge of environment on set.

Tech Savvy

Our DIT’S have the high level of technical proficiency as well as a knowledge of all modern cameras and workflows.


A client sensitive, secure DIT service, making sure the productions valuable content is safeguarded.

Our Technology


From the camera to delivery, we understand the process. We liase with post production to make sure the workflow is seamless.


Modern digital of cameras create Terrabytes of data quickly. Our equipment use the latest connectivity to ensure no time is lost.


Modern technology allows for many options for the look of your film. We utilise this to make provide instant results on set


From controlling the monitor through your i phone to viewing the dailies via your iPad, we make the most of mobile technology.

The Handover

There’s always a benefit to working with the Whealhouse – We understand post. That’s what we were built on and that’s what know, inside and out. Which means, book us on set and you can be sure your data is managed correctly and efficiently, ready for the next stage.

Why not combine the two?
The two skill sets work harmoniously together, it makes sense.

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